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How could I recognize what type of shock absorber is fitted at my car by the manufacturer?

The types of shock absorbers that have been fitted by the factory in series Forester from 1997 to early 2008 are: type A, type B and type C.

The safest way for us to recognize our own type of shock absorber is to roll up the car with a jack and remove a rear wheel to verify our own type of shock absorber.

-If there is an incorporated nitrogen flask at the bottom side of the shock absorber fitted, then we have type A which represents 90% of the cases.
-If there isn't an incorporated nitrogen bottle on the lower side of the shock absorber fitted and the factory colour is black, then we have type B.
-If there isn't an incorporated nitrogen bottle on the lower side of the shock absorber fitted and the factory colour is green, then we have type C.

  ATTENTION: All the rear shock absorbers of the Forester series are brand Tokiko. If your rear shock absorbers are not Tokiko then they are not original and we do not accept the return of your non-original old shock absorbers. 

2008 onwards: For models Subaru Forester 2008 onwards, our company has been going on the process of reconstruction and the improvement of the rear shock absorber. At present we are in a testing phase and we emphasize particularly on the improvement of  grip. Therefore we have already improved the way of lifting permanent larger loads. In the upcoming months we will be ready to offer you the unique advantages of our solution at the best price.




Our company at your checkout sends you immediately a pair of rear shock absorber and you receive it at your door. We give you the right to choose according to your needs the time of the shipping.


The ways that we recommend are two:


1st way: By Eurosender company delivery time 5 ~ 8 days free shipping. and cost 54 € ~ 69 € depending on the country you are in.




2nd way: By DHL company  delivery time 1 ~ 2 days and costs 96 € ~ 125 € depending on the country you are in.





Pickup Delivery:



Our products will come to your door, according to the way you have chosen. We will send you a trucking number, so you can monitor the progress of shipping of your order any time you wish.


After unpacking your new shock absorbers, you should place in the wooden box your old ones, according to the way you unpack the new ones. 






 We follow your order by a trucking number so as soon as you pick it up, we will notify the courier company to pick up your old shock absorbers, without your involvement or any cost of yours.
We will automatically set as a pick-up date the third working day of the following day that you will receive your order.

 As we cannot control the workload of each courier company in each country, we will send you by email all the information of the pick up date and the contact details of the courier company o
f your area, in order to make any changes if that is necessary. If you wish another date of collection, please let us know as soon as your receiving you new ones.