I was about to put the replacement kit for my rear shock absorber but as I was searching for the best price I read an ad on a full reconstruction of genuine shock absorber. Although at first I was quite wary of such a solution I decided to try it as I make several trips and I drive quite fast. Immediately I noticed that the new shock absorbers of my car are extremely comfortable and better.

George T

When I found out the high price of the new shock absorbers I was shocked. Then a friend of mine from the club highly recommended the full reconstruction of them as he had been trying them for 3,5 years. When I rode his Forester i remained speechless! The next day I visited Mr Georgouli. I chose the comfort/normal type and I’ m absolutely delighted.



John K

My Forester is now much better at all kinds of road that I have tried it. It is the second Forester that I have and I can recommend to everyone with absolutely certainty the result of the full reconstruction.





The quality of our work is becoming widely accepted by most Forester experts,  through their petitions and their assurances! 








We have equipped with our remanufactured shock absorber even the toughest stress situations.






Example: Forester of the Greek Forest Service.