Why completely remanufactured?

This is a very good question!

Reconstructing a shock absorber of the quality of Forester, we don’t just service it, but changing all the worn parts of the shock absorber, we give more emphasis on the strength in the passage of time.

One of the parts of the shock absorber that is strained is for example the oil that it contains which fades over time. We use full house synthetic oil that has no expiration date and extends the life of the shock absorber for a much longer life. 

It is also known that the factory shock absorbers have a common setting for all drivers. This for us is the past because we are the only ones who can offer you adjustment according to your wishes. You can now select the settings you are interested in: Comfort/Normal or Sport/Normal which are settings that we can offer you in your new shock absorbers. All you have to do is to choose the type that interests you and from now on you can enjoy your favourite Forester for hundreds of thousands of kilometers, as if you’ve just got it .

Furthermore you can order us the extra load range that perfectly covers the needs of higher permanent loads such as natural gas plants / gas or permanent weight or other special needs.

In conclusion we would like to draw your attention to the replacement kit of the self-leveling Forester’s system which is on market.

These kits completely abolish the self-leveling system that offers Comfort Handling Security.